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Remove Sald Flower and Star Fruit from Loot Table

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These 2 items need to be permanently deleted from the game.


Composite Replacement is simply not worth it. Each month the cost of replacing increases because players have given up farming materials that are a nightmare to farm for. Specifically, Orbs and Paradise Orbs.


You need 20 per replacement, above is a ss of the mp as of a few minutes ago. Even if I bought them, I would still need 18 more for just ONE replacement (for chest piece I would need 58 more). How do you farm these Orbs? You have to run s2 and loot Lum Trees for a small chance at an 'Orb', usually TD entrance over and over and over and over again. To get 'Paradise Orbs', you have to loot the same Lum Trees in s3 maps for a minuscule chance at getting the item you need.

What usually happens though is you fight your way to the Lum Tree because you can't simply run to it in a fast and efficient manner in s3 as barriers halt your progress until enemies are all defeated, you loot the tree... and you get a Salt Flower... You feel a sinking feeling in your guts as now you know you have to reset the map and try again. So you do... This time you get a Star Fruit. 2 runs and no orbs yet. Reset again.... Another Star Fruit/Salt Flower. Before you know it, 2 hours have passed and you have 1 Paradise Orb for all your time and effort. Only 18 to go! These 2 items have no value at all. They are used for nothing but one single quest and then after that they are useless dead fluff items. Actually getting 20 of these Paradise Orbs takes ages.

But lets not stop there. Lets say you find a complete 4-5* set on the MP and buy it with the intent of replacing all the parts so you end up with 4-5* OJ armor set + weapon. Okay, that's 17 composite pieces you need to replace. So you need 340 Paradise Orbs. That is of course not taking into account the hundreds of plain 'Orbs' you also need in addition to all the Godly Ore, Godly Cloth, and Heavenly Leather.

Since Orbs and Paradise Orbs are both rare drops by terrible design (like a lot of crafting mats), it is just not worth the incredible sums of gold or monumental amount of time killing brain cells farming for them. There is however one thing the high loot% of Star Fruit/Salt Flower does... it encourages botting since no real human would want to undertake the soul crushing task of farming 200+ Orbs and 250+ Paradise orbs.

This thread serves as a warning to new players (especially new lv 90s) to avoid all purple and blue weapons/armor and only buy make complete orange equipment. You can get a star upgrade ticket from events as you play and will end up saving hundreds of millions of gold by avoiding composite replacement completely. Farm Seals from raids, join s3 raids for a tiny chance at getting free ojs, exchange seals for oj pieces and make 2* equipment. The stat different between 2* and 3-5* is not worth the cost and you can cap important stats just as easily with 2* as you can with 5*.