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Please make an event where you can buy all outfits

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edited January 27, 2017 in Suggestions and Feedback
Please make an event that puts the special outfits like Iset, succubus queen in cash shop too for 33k nx, instead of RnG box please.
Also bring back High Class Gangster set. Take my money +best!
  1. Do you want all outfitter even the RnG Box ones in cash shop for 32900 nx ?48 votes
    1. YES ! Please put them into the cash shop for an one time offer.
       54% (26 votes)
    2. NO ! I already have an special set. I'm selfish and dont want others to have my same set :(
       19% (9 votes)
    3. I really dont care as I already have a decent outfitter
       27% (13 votes)


  • TamagoTamago
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    Gacha items should stay gacha, but I agree that instead of bringing back certain sets for sales, they should sell all of them at once instead of making us wait for ones that might not even be resold for another two years.
  • TsiiiTsiii
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    If they ever did bring out succubus queen/iset/othergatchaoutfit for a flat amount of money, it would be probably be north of $100 (and that could very well still be considered a bargain considering how bad the gambling percentage is)
  • ValkyrieBladeValkyrieBlade
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    people would get cheated out. I would like this but i know its a bad idea
  • DokkunDokkun
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    edited January 27, 2017
    i think if a set like succubus queen was sold directly it would either be high in price or possibly be standard stats or possibly none

    if youre already asking for a exclusive gacha outfitter to be direct purchase you should realize that theyll probably be priced high
  • JamesGrossJamesGross
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    Yeah great idea, Lets put all the +15 coupons in the shop too, all the +1 star coupons. Lets give this game NO exclusivity what so ever. Pshh because who wants to be unique anyways. You are top 1% player? Pshh forget you, We all just want be able to buy everything from the shop.
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    edited January 27, 2017
    Those outfits really aren't exclusive, though. You can wallet warrior your way to any of them, and all that they show is that you got lucky, that you have more money than sense, or you have money to burn. Most don't want everything from the shop, they just don't want to have to gamble real money on pixels or spend $300 to guarantee they can get enough tokens for those 'exclusive' outfitters.

    Let's also not act like anyone earns +15. I got lucky on mine, and anyone else who gets theirs gets lucky as well. At least with the gotcha outfitters worse case scenario the people--maybe--earned the $300 they spent rolling on boxes, but no guarantee there either. Regardless, I don't understand the need to feel like a special snowflake with outfitters that come from the cash shop. It's one thing if they're earned in content that's extremely difficult to clear, but Vindictus is not a game where that's the case.
  • MochiSweetMochiSweet
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    I"ll vote yes if nexon gonna sell regina wings/outfit 32900 nx c:
  • ChrysChrys
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    I just want either the ability to purchase the special versions of an outfit at all times or have them rotate quicker.

    It's really frustrating to see an outfit that you like in the store but only as the regular version. +2 balance is a big deal and missing out on the limited sets means months or even years of waiting before they return. I'd purchase outfits much more often if either the limited versions are readily available or the stat difference between the limited and regular versions are eliminated.
  • SanuienSanuien
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    But I also want another outfitter design contest.
  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    Please bring back older Premium outfitters. I would love all of my characters to have the Premium Gothic Frill and Wild Rock sets.
  • CessaCessa
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    Sure, bring them all back except the RNG outfitters.
  • GhengisJohnGhengisJohn
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    I have been waiting forever to buy the premium Gothic frill for my Lynn and the dark rev outfitter for my Evie. If they came back, I'd buy them right away.
  • arkaine757arkaine757
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    I really dont care as I already have a decent outfitter

    But that would be a great idea.