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Multiple AP Restorations

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Items should have more than ONE AP restore seeing as to how there is no rune to protect them from being destroyed after +11. It is already quite long to farm for equipment and now you have to start all over if the equipment is blown up.


  • CriminyCriminy
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    Probably the majority of +15s in the game were created by exploiting GM restoration. File ticket, cry, they restored, repeat. You used to be able to restore twice. (in addition to the free GM restores). Now that the GMs realized what was going on and also changed AP restoration to 1 single restore.... expect new +15s to be exceedingly rare. The worst part of this is the stat difference between a +10 and a +15 is immense. A +15 has over 20 more attack speed and atkspd is pretty much the best stat in the game as players are unlikely to reach spd cap and very likely to reach the other caps (crit, att, bal)

    I'm with you, I have hated the enhance and enchant system since the first time my weapon reset to 0 and lost months of progress to enchanting failure. The system is malicious and designed not to be player friendly, but instead to generate Nexon profits. They had exquisite enchant runes on the depot up till recently for $25 a pop. It is a terrible and wretched system and since it is monetized, don't ever expected it to change. That would be a loss of money. It is also a loss in player base...

    Its pay2win.

  • CessaCessa
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    Criminy wrote: »
    Its pay2win.

    What do you win when you pay in Vindictus?



    The issue of weapon enhancement is the thing that is killing Vindictus. Fix it or the game will just die as new games come out.