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Karok in Ein Lacher

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Just wondering for any Pillar / Cestus dual players out there - have you found one or the other to be 'superior' for running Ein Lacher? I've been running Pillar (barley touched Cestus honestly) and have noticed that getting hit 2-3 times in a fight vs. not getting hit at all seems to be a world apart as far as the difficulty goes. At this point I've more/less given up on trying to 'gold myself', and am settling on all Silver + No Pots (got probably ~60 Silver + No Pots vs. 6 Golds.../shame).

Just curious on your thoughts.

*Misc. Notes:
'Ein Lacher applicable stats' (off the top of my head): 89 Bal, 55 AS, ~110 Crit


  • NoburoNoburo
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    The majority of my golds have been done with cestus because you can finish battles faster while playing a more passive style with it. Faster clear = less opportunities to screw up, lol. It also helps that I have more experience with season 1/2 bosses with cestus because I mained it until partway through season 3.

    Pillar definitely outperforms cestus on some of the battles though, it all depends on what blockstrings you can handle at your attack speed and how relentless the boss in question is.
  • AtherionAtherion
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    I used both weapons for my einlachers.

    You can somewhat cheese most runs on pillar just spamming LLR -> roll away -> repeat, but that really only works on bosses with really obvious and slow attacks. Jumbo serves as your panic button as you can jump out anywhere during the charge for some nice damage and decent frames. On Cestus, I basically just kite and go in for my smash/blast which I found to be a lot easier against bosses which require you to use perfect frames, such as Keaghan and Iset.
  • boddoleboddole
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    *sorry it took me this long to respond, was having an issue with logging in, then getting logged out immediately after I tried to do anything...Anyway:

    Thanks for the feedback, I can definitely see the appeal of cestus. I gave it a try but for the moment, I'm having a real hard time trying to get Big Bang off without getting hit. Then again, I probably shouldn't expect to 'master' cestus in 2 hrs of gameplay...

    I got a few more pillar golds and noticed that after about 8 mins, my ability to play 'tight' really drops off. And it seems like 6-8 mins seems to be a pillar sweet spot for me. Will keep working on cestus though, not sure how much I want to invest, but missing ~20-25 AS on cestus might be making Big Bang much more difficult than it needs to be.

    *ey, finally got a gold with cestus. Granted it was on Slithering Mare and took 13 mins...but I'll take it.