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Class popularity poll


  • CashewsCashews
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    Entitled said:

    JustFrame said:

    Not surprised by Evie votes. I swear I've been on boats where other characters were not around, but majority of the boats from my personal experience almost always has an Evie or two. Her popularity has always been pretty absurd.

    I guess an Asian girl who is around borderline adult, but not quite while using big sticks is enticing to people.
    Nah, scythe evie is overtuned so there's alot more players playing her becuz bandwagon, when lann was flavor of the month he was most played after his nerfs he wasn't then when hurk came out and ppl realized he was op he was the most popular played class, and after scythe evie's buff she was the most played class, alternatively she's the only class to not have receive any nerfs and have been receiving small buffs with each class update despite her still being "overtuned" while every other class got a nerf in some way in the class rebalance patch. Xgun kai and karok was buffed so they're also popular atm, back then not many ppl played karok and all of a sudden karoks are popular (becuz buffs), so I hope you see a trend here.

    OP class? Expect players flocking to it cuz "mah deepz"

    Buffed/revamped characters usually means a jump in player count yes, but there's no doubt Evie has consistently been an extremely popular character. Even before her revamps I pretty much always saw at least one on every boat. During her revamp there was like 3 or 4 per boat pretty frequently.
  • AbyssofthorAbyssofthor
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    For you not to have a Long sword Fiona in this poll makes me doubt the validity of this poll. LS Fiona and Staff Evie for life image


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    Amikoto said:

    o wow perfection :O