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Hide the pet window/Character goal rewards

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Two problems :

1. The pet window randomly opens when you login to a character, as long as you have a pet. According to a GM in live chat, this is a feature intended to remind players to feed their pets. The problem is that the pet window automatically opens even if the pet is full and does not need feeding. Please allow players to disable the pet window from automatically opening by itself as it is very annoying, or at the very least, do not open the pet window when the pet is full, as you cannot feed it anyway.

2. The character goal rewards will open every single time you login to a character, as long as you have a reward unclaimed. This is very annoying, as players may want to claim the rewards later and they have to close the popup every single time they login. Please allow players to hide the character goal rewards window permanently so it doesnt popup everytime they login, even if they have unclaimed rewards.