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Secondary weapon now aims incorrectly

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edited February 2, 2017 in Bug Reporting
The secondary weapons used to aim where your camera was facing, nobody had any issues with this. After the patch, they now always aim at the center of the map :


I attemted to aim my spear at the kobold archer, but as you can see in the screenshot, the aiming point always starts off far too high. This adds extra delay to aiming a secondary weapon which makes it much harder to do breakoffs or spear enemies in general.

According to the patch notes, it looks like the developers tried to fix some aiming bug with the secondary weapons but introduced a new bug in the process.

Secondary weapons should not be aiming several heads taller than enemies by default. Please revert the change so that they aim where your camera is facing like before.


  • BladeXAngelBladeXAngel
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    It seems I'm not the only one noticed secondary weapon aiming now automatically correct your view, which I believe is bothering a lot of people. But anyone noticed that the skills requires you to choose a location now also corrects your view? If so, this is by far the worst update which I don't think even is an "upgrade". Now i always miss my arisha's resonance because I don't even know where I'm aiming at unless I take a crap load of time to aim correctly. That's not even mentioning solo the boat part in Ben Chenner Trailhead becomes way harder because I just don't have enough time to aim around, figure out where i'm aiming and then aim again as usually I can just do a little adjustment then throw the bombs.

    Thankfully Nexon also added an option in advance bar says "secondary weapon aims at where you face", which I believe is a fix to this thing. But unfortunately this option actually does nothing but cancel your "attack in camara's direction" option. If you turn this on, you will keep attacking in 1 single direction. OH BY THE WAY, IT DOES NOTHING TO THE SECONDARY OR AIMING SYSTEM. you still aim at center of the screen.
  • Question2Question2
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    Fixed the incorrect screenshot link.

    @Ehgess : Any chance that the secondary weapon change can be rolled back till this is fixed?