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Quick Search Tutorial

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Just giving a general guide of how the quick system works, so I will explain each process step by step.
As you are may wondering, The game has introduced a quick battle system where you can access dungeons regardless of what town you are in. Even if you are in colhen, you can access battles that are exclusive to Rocheste, and Malina respectively, and the same goes for the other towns in those respective exclusive areas.

So let us begin.


when you open up this tab, this will be shown as default. There are 22 pages to work with if you want to go through the system as it is. By default, if there are no quick parties available, the number for the parties will be shown as "0". Battle limitations also apply when you use quick battles, so upon completing enough runs, the text will turn red and prevent you from doing any more runs until the next reset. Regular battles will NOT show up in the quick system, so if you are looking for regular battles, you must do those in the same matter beforehand. Additionally, be aware that quick battles have attack requirements, and if you do not meet these requirements, the system will not let you enter the quick battle. To head back to the beginning, you can press the refresh button and all battles will be updated for your convenience. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I'll explain each part of the QB system.



Simple and Straightforward, you can filter battles based on your preferences by checking and unchecking certain boxes. The boxes that are unchecked will be Exempt from your search, while the ones checked will be applied to the search. As an example, If I want a "today" battle for season 2, I would click those, and then click confirm to see what Season 2 daily is up for that day. If I wish to backtrack, or exit the system without any changes, I would click the Cancel button instead. So to explain quickly.

Today: These battles will be shown as battles that give max ap upon completing them. These battles cycle through each day.

Raid: all battles that include the red raid rectangle will be applied to this filter. This even includes low level "raids".

Story: all Story fights in season 2/3 will fall under this filter, however, if you have already completed a season 2 story battle once, then it will not show up on this list, so be aware of that.

Exceeded runs: Battles that have a limited number of runs will show up here. This will also cross in some raids, as they will lock out upon completing them once or twice depending whether you have VIP or not. Recently, Battles up to Hoarfrost Depths have been limited to 5 runs a day now, so all of those battles will apply to this filter.


BDqk9yJ.png KNeE7nM.png

So say that you like a battle so much that you want to add it to the favorites tab. Well say no more, there's a feature even for that. To favorite a battle, you can click the star symbol next to that battle, and it will be added to favorites. To remove it, just click the star again. When you favorite a battle, a UI will show up that will automatically notify you when there is a party able to be boarded. You can hide this by checking the close UI box that hide this UI for you. If you wish to turn off the notification sound for whatever reason, you can check the other box that turns off the sound for you.



ah, the search bar, every researcher's best friend. Well, that aside, the search bar will automatically filter battles based on the matching name. So if you type hoarfrost, then these two battles shown in the picture will show up once you hit the search button after typing part of the name of said battles. So if you want to search up "Ben Chenner" then all 3 areas of Ben Chenner Entrance, Trailhead, and Summit will show up respectively in those results. It's pretty handy once you get how it works. NOTE: This will not show area names, so Typing in Ainle will NOT show you every fight that is available in Ainle, so sorry to disappoint there.

Do I wish to create, or Join a party:


Once you have found the battle you want, you have two options. You can either A. Create a party and select the settings according to how you want, or B, look for a party and Join it with the selected settings. If you wish to create a party, be aware that ALL battles will have the Normal difficulty selected by Default, so if you wish to have a higher difficulty for those battles, you can select those difficulties if able.

Example of what will show up when creating a party:

Once you are finished with the settings applied, you can launch the boat and wait for other members to join in on the fun.

For joining parties, if there are none available, then you will receive a notification message that will state that there are none available at this time.

Well, this concludes the tutorial. I hope this will clear up any confusion in play.

Some CONS:

-you cannot invite players to a quick battle. they must search up the battle if they wish to join in.

-Quick battles will only last one run. If you are farming a battle, do a regular run instead.

-Some battles are not in the Quick system and must be found by regular means. This includes Battles found in the Exploration section of the game, and Redeemer's raid.

If there is anything that I have missed, feel free to add more on this thread.

EDIT: someone Found nilfheim battles in quick battle and removed text as per requested to fix it.


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    Forgot to mention that full raid party get a bonus core when using quick battle.
    Ikarsu wrote: »
    -Some battles are not in the Quick system and must be found by regular means. This includes abyss arena, nilfheim, and Nemain's raid.

    Should fix this, only battle that don't appear on the Quick Battle Menu are ones from Exploration bourd and Neanhaim. Nilfheim boat do appear as shown here since they are in the battle quest bourd.

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    Adjusted the text accordingly. Apologies in advance since I had a war with server error 1599 preventing me from logging in for a few weeks.
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