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Make Neamhain Selective Practice mode

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Make a practice mode for her and let us select which phase to enter her from.

Having to keep entering and wasting time on other stages which we've already gotten mastery of it's tedious.

Allow us to Enter from:

Phase 1 Neit

Phase 2 Neamhain

Phase 3 Neit with Neamhain inside

And Last Phase


  • RukandrusRukandrus
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    I have no idea why we are denied practice mode in this most obvious of battles one would think to make use of.
  • ShadowMadaraShadowMadara
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    Nexon want an excuse to why practice mode exist? How about "After being defeated by the duo memories of the battle etched in to your mind, now you run simulations through your head to figure out how to beat them"

    There I included a story
  • meirinmeirin
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    I think the spirit of this raid is for it to be a pain in the ass, and for the group of people clearing it to be exclusive

    At first I wished for practice mode, because later parts, you will get 1 practice attempt at a new move for 30 minutes of drilling through what you already know

    But now I think it's good to be so arduous. When was the last time you felt a raid in Vindictus required this much effort?