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Is Dark Soul harder than Vindictus?

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I saw this article on Kotaku http://kotaku.com/dark-souls-3-player-finds-an-extra-ridiculous-way-to-be-1791383389 Dark Souls 3 Player Finds Extra Ridiculous Way To Beat A Boss. I was like, ok cool, this boss must be fast and doesn't telegraphs moves that much. I watched a few seconds of the video and the boss looks really really slow compare to Vindictus bosses.

I played a bit of DS1 at a friends house. I can see the difficulty in the game but are the bosses that hard compare to Vindictus?


  • 2edgy4u2edgy4u
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    I've only played DS1, 2 and Demon's S, but from what I see Vindictus bosses are generally more aggressive, harder to cheese, and take longer to kill than DS bosses. However, the player character in Vindictus is much stronger too with generous iframes, blocks that always take the same negligible amount of stamina, and ability to shorten animations with spd gear.. Not to mention feathers and goddess grace which make Vindi much more forgiving.
    DS has a bigger learning curve at the start and puts a lot of its difficulty in the path leading up to a boss, but Vindi has more complicated fights in raiding. Both become trivially easy once you learn AI patterns.
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    Depends on how you look at it. Keep in mind that Dark Souls has been knitted around the concept of "You are going to die 1,000,000 deaths" as opposed to Vindictus's "you will eventually win and be rewarded". The difference is that with Dark Souls, you are expected to die, regardless of skill or reward (gravity, carelessness, invaders, general misfortune, etc.).

    Dark Souls is harder because you can't always just level up or increase stats to ridiculous amounts and face-roll a boss. It works for the first 4 playthroughs, but then you quickly find out how little the stats increase your damage past 50. Furthermore the game's punishment doesn't change no matter how strong you are; if you die twice, you have to gather all your souls and humanities back. Of course, Humanity is really only meaningful in the first game for obvious reasons. There is the additional challenge of playing online and getting invaded.

    For Vindictus, well... it's already more difficult at the farming and grinding level because of RNGesus. Bosses aren't really any more difficult but they certainly take longer because of the HP and extra raid mechanics.
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    Hm, I only played Dark Souls 3 but I didn't really find it awfully challenging. Got rekt by the tutorial boss a few dozen times until I got the hang of the controls, then it was w/e. The bosses weren't really the hard part, more just getting mobbed by a bunch of normal enemies. I consider Touhou games on Lunatic difficulty more challenging, but that's a different style of gameplay.

    In the end it all really just comes down to memorising patterns and knowing how to dodge them. In that aspect, I'd say Vindi is more difficult purely because even if you do play perfectly, bugs and lag will get you killed.
  • NoburoNoburo
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    Wow, that article. Someone is getting paid for making an article about parry cheesing a boss in Dark Souls.

    If you wanted to compare that to something in Vindi, that's like a Hurk with an sp pot start just deflecting Titan and dancing during his dumb stagger animation before getting his revenge hit in and repeating until he dies. Souls Bosses look slow because the game plays slower. Vindictus gameplay contrasts that completely by design because, as mentioned above, the point of Vindi now is to make you feel great while you're fighting using op character skillsets. Dark Souls is always going to be about the struggle and feeling good about winning after the battle.

    Also, a big part of the difficulty in the Souls series is the situations that the games put you in for the bosses. Barring ds2's godawful baby mode bonfire placements, you're usually in pretty bad shape with hardly any estus left by the time you get to the boss, especially on your first playthrough when you don't know the best way through. Vindictus is only like that in regular dungeons, which aren't even the focus of the game.

    I'm still baffled that that's an article on a professional news site.

  • MetalDevil19MetalDevil19
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    that scrub in the video can only parry 1 type of attack though... I personally can parry 3