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Battle Limits, Timers, Clocks, Mail, BBCode

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Battle Limits
Why exactly are there battle limits? Bots have hundreds or thousands of accounts, so this only hinders players rather than bots.

The new 5 battle limits on many raids does not make much sense on NA either, since we do not have a fatigue system while there is a fatigue system in other reasons. 5 battles is very unreasonable. I believe this is a mistake, since we do not have a fatigue system.


The battle timers that were implemented a few years ago also hinders players and doesn't really do anything for bots. The timers are much too long for many battles, especially in easy mode.

Also, the Vindictus clock changed from PST to UTC. I believe that we should be able to pick which region for the clock or have it be based on the user's PC time zone.

Regarding mail, not being able to delete mail with items attached is a major inconvenience for those who run low-level battles and get a lot of junk, but don't have the inventory space for it. It was convenient to delete all these from the mailbox when it is sent there, but now you must struggle to take out each item in your already limited inventory space. Perhaps let us delete mail with items attached still, but add a confirmation popup or two.

Forums now use BBCode instead of HTML. What is with this change? Old threads with HTML for images and formatting are unchanged, but new posts don't work with HTML. You have to use BBCode. If you guys are switching over to BBCode, at least enable the font color tag so that [my market thread] isn't ruined...