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Keaghan/Iset outfits/ Additional Unbind Coupon

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edited October 26, 2016 in Suggestions and Feedback

I have 2 suggestions in order to try to balance "How can we (Nexon) increase our profits?" to "What does the community need at this point?"

1) Make the Iset/Keaghan outfit comeback, just like the Vampire Slayer.

I mean, these 2 outfits are by far the most wanted vanity items.
And these items reach extremely high prices on inside market (1.5B on West i saw last time)

And to be more dramatic, make it only available for 2 or 3 days, xmas it's a good season for sales.

2) Make this comeback

I'm not sure how much autonomy Nexon NA have to change the code of certain items, but my suggestion would be Make this coupon able to give a permabound item a last chance.

Why that would be a good idea for Nexon?
Players have a LOT of permabound items (Weapons to be specific), and a many of them are stuck in characters or accounts that are not used by their owners anymore, due a few reasons, one of then it's because they are playing with other characters.

What's the community is doing right now?
We have players selling their accounts for real money on other forums.

We have a few issues here:
ToS violation
Trust issues (Scam)

What can Nexon do to avoid this and make profit?
If we have this coupon (Usable on permabound items) players would think twice before sell their accounts with all the risks involved, and Nexon would profit with this coupon and bind potions.

I hope this help you guys, somehow.
In order to sell something, we need to understand what we have to offer, and our target need.

The first suggestions it's a desire
The second one it's more like what community need.