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poll time

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So I always wondered, during the story it's mostly npc's talking and if the player "talks" it's more or less always in one to three word sentences. So I wonder if it's because Devcat's too lazy, or is it because we're supposed to be brain damaged from getting hit on the head too much hence the lack of communication skills, or is it because the npc's won't shut up and give a chance to speak any more than that, or some other reason. So what does everyone think?
  1. During the story why can the player only speak in 3 word sentences?26 votes
    1. We're braindamaged
       8% (2 votes)
    2. We're just stupid and our linguistic skills are really really bad
       0% (0 votes)
    3. Devcats too lazy to care to add anything more
       23% (6 votes)
    4. Everyone we speak to won't shut up and give us the opportunity to speak any longer than that.
       12% (3 votes)
    5. We're the stoic hero who's very stoic and unsociable
       31% (8 votes)
    6. Everyone in the world of Vindictus speaks in 3 word sentences the npc's we meet are just wierd
       4% (1 vote)
    7. Other reason
       23% (6 votes)


  • hi5joshhi5josh
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    The answer is 42, like everything else currently unknown...
  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    We just don't like talking to NPCs. Only to other players.
  • BoatGodBoatGod
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    edited January 17, 2017
    we can only form 3 words because we actually don't know the language
  • RolandRoland
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    It's because our "dialogue box" is just a little tiny tootsie roll. Meanwhile, the NPCs get these huge windows where they can fit in all this text...unfair!
  • Order5Order5
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    Players can't speak. We're mute and have to use textual communication, and that takes gold out of our wallets to pay for ink and parchment so we use as few words as possible.