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something should be done

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i am a big fan for Vindictus i was so happy when i got to play the beta and i am still happy its around but! its becoming more like a cash grabber and as mush as i love this game it is slowly dying and and its also hard for new player to have fun when no one plays, then they are stuck doing raids alone, so they need to do something to big to show the players that still play that they care about them staying around. i mean if they don't do anything im sure this game will die before 2018, all i am saying is if nexon show that they care about there player the game would come back to life a little
  1. Do you guys think nexon so do something nice to show they care for the players that stay around?6 votes
    1. Yes.
       83% (5 votes)
    2. Don't Care.
       17% (1 vote)