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"GOD" Challenge Solos

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Hero + Macha = GOD difficulty. Wanted to challenge myself further in the game after getting Golden God. This is the End Result. More to come as I complete the runs.
These bosses will Hit EXTERMELY hard if you mistime your dodge, and mistiming two to four dodges will result in imminent Death.

I will challenge every hero S1 battle, Except for those that CAN be killed in one hit by Massive impact as that is Anti-Climatic, so Sorry if I don't Include most of these bosses in this list.

The "GOD" Challenge: You can use any item + tool in your disposal, except for HP potions of any sort, and Stimulants of any kind. Additionally, Damage boosting potions are not allowed to be used as well. Healing Skills for certain classes are allowed to be used as they are part of said skill set for that character, so staff evie and sylas mains are forgiven... this time. You must set all fights in Hero mode with the Oath of Honor: season of macha, and you must solo this as well. To ensure this, you must set your boat to private: Invite Only. Guild Heavenly feathers, and Goddess Graces will NOT be allowed as well. SO... if you die at any point in these fights, you must start over from the beginning of that fight. You do Not need to have a NO HIT run to complete these challenges. This will NOT be as brutal as Ein Lacher where you will fail getting a gold medal if you take one single hit, but they will be counted as an achievement milestone if you have done a run without getting hit. Should you wish to accept this challenge, you must use a recording software (Overwolf as an example) to record your progress to provide proof that you have completed this fight. If you choose to opt out from this challenge, then that is fine. I will not force you to take on these challenges as they are even hard for me to execute as well.

These are the bosses needed to be defeated to complete this challenge, starting in Ainle, or any location of your choosing:

Blood Lord
Weeping Queen

HoarFrost Depths:
Black Belly

Hilder Forest:

Last Fragment Kakrish
Reinforcements Janguish
Blood Fist
Black Hammer

Colhen raids:
Controlled Black Hammer

The challenge will be completed when all of these bosses are defeated and recorded for viewing pleasure. GOOD LUCK mercenaries that choose to accept this challenge. and remember: https://youtu.be/l3HMALfodb8

Controlled Black Hammer: NO Hit. - Character name: Ikarsu - Server: West - Class: X Gun Kai


  • AtherionAtherion
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    If I were you, I'd scrap all the non raid battles as they have too little hp to be considered challenging.
  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    Most of these bosses (except for KichKich) are from the original Ein Lacher Challenge and are included in this list for that reason. This is meant to picture a what if scenario of these bosses having hero animation instead of normal animation.