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Bring Back Golden Time Event

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As the title suggests, bring back the Golden Time Event. Don't get me wrong, the Attendance Events are great, but they don't exactly measure up to the Golden Time Events. The last Golden Time Event we had was back in 2014. With 2017 here, it would be neat to have this event return. Give this event another chance, Nexon. Golden Time Event was discontinued due to the numerous complaints of not getting rewards during distribution times or due to being disconnected from the game, but the servers were much worse back then than they are now. At least give it one more chance. You do want to make your playerbase happy, don't you?

Here is a sampler to give an idea:

1/7 - Unbind Potions x5, Avatar Dye Ampoule x1
1/8 - Enhancement Rune x2, Armor Fusion Rune x1
1/14 - Home VVIP Service Package (15 days), Title Gift Box x1
1/15 - Golden Time AP Box, Permanent Shared Storage x1
1/21 - Perpetual Enchant Scroll x1, Sealed 100% Enchant Scroll (r9 - r7) x1
1/22 - Premium Enchant Rune/Exquisite Enchant Rune x1, Clodagh Dye Ampoule x1
1/28 - Maximum +3 Enhancement Coupon Box x1, Maximum +3 Quality Coupon Box x1
1/29 - +10 - +15 Coupon Box x1, Max Durability Potion x10
2/4 - Quality Booster Coupon (+1 Star) x1, Golden Time Element Stone x1 (ATT/M.ATT)
2/5 - Normal Weapon Fusion Rune x1, Additional Unbind Coupon (we only had this ONCE) x1

Thoughts? Please discuss.


  • TsiiiTsiii
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    eh, golden time or not, I'd just like a non watered down event like the ones in KR.
  • DealerDealer
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    edited January 6, 2017

    Item distribution times can be 4: 00 PM PST to 6:00 PM PST to allow a 2 hr window for players to collect their rewards. Better yet, why not do distribution similar to the Gallagher Dice Event (with the time meter)? Players stay logged in for x amount of time and then the item is sent to their inventory or mailbox if the inventory is full.

    Thoughts? Please discuss.
    And then you have an attendance event and not a Golden Time, which means watered down rewards.

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