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[Archived] Order5's Resources & Charts

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All of the following are now officially out of date, and I will no longer be providing up to date resources. This thread is now officially an archive.


Lynn Natural Stat Gain Chart: http://i.imgur.com/ADemppK.jpg
*7-26-2017 Dullahan at 95 raised the level cap to 95. Lynn gains 4 STR+AGI+INT+WIL and 25 HP for levels 91-95.

Experience Chart: http://i.imgur.com/qx9G9Hl.jpg
*7-26-2017 Dullahan at 95 raised the level cap to 95.
90-91 = 15,603,870 XP
91-92 = 15,815,741 XP
92-93 = 16,030,414 XP
93-94 = 16,248,038 XP
94-95 = 16,468,598 XP

List of Level Up Goals + Story Goals + Skill Goals: http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/1556/list-of-level-up-goals-story-goals-skill-goals
*6-21-2017 Rise: Revolution update changed some of the rewards.

AP Restoration Chart (Season 3): http://i.imgur.com/bShF1QM.jpg
*6-21-2017 Rise: Revolution update reduced AP restoration costs and set new restrictions on who can restore items alongside what restored items can do.

Enhancement Chart V2: http://i.imgur.com/cnzwvZx.jpg
*3-22-2017 Alban Festival update changed lower level equipment to require fewer materials.

Enhancement Chart V1: http://i.imgur.com/cp21zl7.jpg
*1-18-2017 Corruption of the Goddess update has changed level 90 armor to give the same amount of DEF from enhancement regardless of armor type. Enhancing for all armor also gives more DEF when broken and HP now.

Max Durability Increase Chart: http://i.imgur.com/MY0Cuxx.jpg
*8-17-2016 Delia: Nobility's Finest update adds Delia. A Bastard Sword will use one extra durability potion just like most other weapons.


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    The 1-18-2017 update has changed a lot of things with enhancing armor. Armor now grants HP and even more DEF when broken. For level 90 specifically, the DEF gained per enhancement level is now the same as plate, regardless of armor type.

    -HP from Enhancement: starting at +6 you get HP from Enhancing. This is true for all armor, regardless of level or armor type.
    -DEF when broken: starting at +6 you will supposedly get 38% DEF back when your armor breaks.

    And at some people's insistence, I have created a modified Enhancement Chart.
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    Oooooh very nice +best
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    Yay! All of my resources are finally out of date, and this thread can officially be closed!
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