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Low FPS on high end laptop

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Alright, so I got a new laptop Omen 16 with 32 GB and 3070 by the end of last August to replace my 1050ti. I only do play Vindi on my laptop and previously it was only 30 - 40 fps on my old 1050ti and I did expect to improve my fps in Vindi to a stable 60 fps.

However, till now with normal graphic settings in Vindi, I still only got 30 - 40 fps in raids while 20 - 25 fps in Taros 5 - 7 bars, which makes me feel frustrated cuz I upgraded my laptop just because I want to have better gameplay but now nothing has been changed.

I don't play games a lot so I am not sure how ppl set up the game, but 3070 should let me have 60 fps or even more without any other setups. Can someone give me some advice about this problem? Thank you.