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Ending the need for multiple identities

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I hope you're all doing well. I'll just jump right in by saying:

I'm frustrated with how little a player can do with one character, and I'm wondering if anyone else can sympathize or empathize.

Now, let me be clear:

I'm NOT saying I'm opposed to grinding for hours to unlock some extra stats and more raid runs, I'm saying I'm not okay with doing so on an identity (character) I care nothing about.

The social aspect of an MMORPG is important, and all-but-forcing players to juggle multiple characters is not only getting in the way of that, but it's giving the players who don't want multiple characters NO other option to gain additional raid runs or stats, while players who DO enjoy having multiple characters are seeing nothing but upside.

I am all but begging for a solution to this problem, and I've come up with suggestions, not just complaints:

- * [This is probably the easiest one, and my personal favorite]: There could be a way to copy/paste a character's full identity onto a new character slot (name; purchased cosmetics; friend's list; everything except gear), that way a player can technically have alternate characters without needing new identities they don't care about. The differentiator between characters could be a client-sided "1, 2, 3, 4..." etc. next to the character's name in the main menu. I.E. That number won't appear to anyone in-game.

- There could be a prestige system where a character can restart from level 1 to unlock an extra run of level 100 raids or lower.

- There could be a fun dungeon (or dungeons) made that do NOT have a cap on the amount of runs players can do, and the dungeons only drop level 100 drops.

- Raid runs could simply be raised and standardized across characters: I.E. Every character gets ~3 runs of each level 100 raid, 2 runs of each level 105 raid, and 1 run of each higher raid. This would be an overall improvement, but it'd also allow single-character players to have enough content to grind properly because sacrificing higher runs for extra lower-level runs isn't viable (at least in the long run).

I appreciate your time, and I hope you all can consider some of these suggestions or suggest your own!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to post those too, and I'll be happy to respond when I have time.

Thanks again for reading!