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Make Charles' Pouch tradeable or a guaranteed drop

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edited January 6, 2017 in Suggestions and Feedback
I'm trying to obtain a Charles' Pouch to complete the "Charles?" quest.

I've run the Rat Race at least 50 times on my Fiona & haven't gotten the Pouch.

It's extremely boring to do the Race again & again. Combat in Vindictus is fun, but the Rat Race has no combat & is horribly dull.

The worst part is having to walk through the whole of Twilight Desert again & again to get to the Rat Race at the very end.

It's also frustrating because I got the pouch on my second run on my Evie. The RNG is totally ridiculous.

Please make the Pouch either tradeable (so I can buy it from someone else on the marketplace) or make it a guaranteed drop when a player has the "Charles?" quest.


  • BladeXAngelBladeXAngel
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    +sad looking at this while i was just running it last night for 3 hours straight and thinking i need to post something up here...

    but i did get it done, took me 3 hours on arisha but more lucky, 1.5 hour on delia.

    Charles is boring, and repetitive...i wouldn't mind running it, but seriously level 1-3 is too easy and makes me wonder why is this so damn long...
  • ShizukaaShizukaa
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    yeh! please make this happen ;w; some of us just wants that title, and RNG is too bad to get it ;-;
  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    I always wondered how a FAT rat could run as fast as sonic himself? What is the rodent's secret to running faster than the player?