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Did I do something Wrong?

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So I just came back after a really long absence, and decided to try one of the newer character and relive some old memories. Was not happy with how streamlined the ruins had been. But decided to stick it out. Then I get to Hoarfrost Hollows, and enter the first mission, and the next think I know it's running a cut scene that is essentially abridging the whole thing. Did I do something wrong? Why would it do this? How much more of this nonsense am I going to have to endure before I can get into playing the game proper?

If this was a deliberate decision, I'd like the opportunity to give whoever came up with this idea a piece of my mind. I just want to play, not waste a tone of time watching cutscenes skip over content I could be playing thru. Did they not have a way to skip Seasons already? Wasn't it done better before? With it also being optional?

Please help!