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Early Bird

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Hello everyone! Bear with me because I have some thoughts to share.
So i'm an old player and I recently came back to the game after quitting back in (i think) 2016, and since i missed the server migration I literally lost everything, which made me sad because I used to love the fashion part of the game and my storages were full of outfits and dyes lmao. I'm still salty about it but it's fine I'm okay with starting fresh. What made me even more sad was the fact that the game has changed so much and for the worse imo. Like what even happened, some equips and weapons are gone and can't even be crafted via npc, everything is too easy to achieve, and don't get me wrong it's nice to get the enhanced equips when you reach lv90 and up, but i feel like Vindictus has lost its magic, which is a shame because a lot of people invested so much time and money.
I guess that's all, over and out

tl;dr: the game is piss easy now and not as fun as it used to be