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Restrictions in The Netherlands Issue

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So I recently got back into Vindictus after taking a break for a bit and was faced with the market restrictions which left me very confused.

I've been told it was implemented due to a recent law, but the restrictions just seem completely misdirected. The law singularly prohibits ''games of chance in which you can win a prize'' or in other words, Gacha and Loot boxes. Yet I am still able to buy the Splendid crystals which is the product in this game that most meets this criteria, yet I am not able to trade in-game items with the marketplace that have absolutely nothing to do with this law whatsoever. Having read through the law a few times now, it has absolutely nothing to do with the restrictions that were made.

Now, it really seems this might have been mistranslated or misconstrued in the process of these restrictions being made, and I just hope to bring attention to this in hopes for it to be reevaluated. I also noticed I'm not the first person to make a post about this and just wanted to make a place where this could be talked about more thoroughly by Dutch and non-Dutch players in hopes of something being done about it.

I sent in a ticket, and I was basically encouraged to make my voice heard on the forums so that other players who have also encountered this issue can also share their issues with it on here. I want to plead with all Dutch players to make their voices heard here and to share their personal experiences with this and how much it has affected them as Dutch players. Any support from non-Dutch players is, of course, also very much appreciated!

Besides all of this, i just want to emphasize again that it completely inhabilitates you as a Dutch player. I feel like I'm not able to take part in the community or the game with the current implementations, and it truly makes me sad since I enjoy this game so much and have been playing it for years now. I have so many fond memories of it, have played it loyally for years, and have also financially supported it quite a bit in the past. I can't help but feel like we Dutch players are currently being forgotten about.