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Thoughts of a Soul Shifter character

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It would be cool if there was a Soul Shifter character in Vindictus. Thought of if after watching Alchemy of Souls (kdrama).
So what would be the weapon of such character? It would be the Ice Stone ( kinda like arisha focus but slightly smaller and more shiny like a diamond)
A female character probably because Naksu is a girl and my bias in the kdrama.
How would it work? well instead of possessing a body nearby and stuff, it would be more like summoning a character body and using it. (because no mob monster body stays long enough and because vindictus is mostly solo from level 1 to 95 or 100 depending on difficulty and raid boss xD.)
what will it skills be like? well it's skills would be more focus on buffs to defend it's main body and partially the summon character body. (why only partially the summon character body instead of fully buff like the main body? well because the summon body will probably have close to max stats of the same level as your character.)
It would probably also be an INT base character with low hp and def.
The summon character body will last idk maybe 30-45 maybe 50 sec max (after max upgrade) before turning into stone. Summoning should be like 3-1 sec delay or channeling to bring out. the summoning skill cooldown would be like 30 sec to 15 sec maybe 10sec max (after max upgrade) before summoning a different body of which ever character of choice except the previous one because it would take like idk maybe 5-3 minutes cooldown before it can be use again.
Welp thanks for reading my rambling mumbo jumbo incomplete thoughts of how i would imagine a Soul Shifter character.
Some inputs about it, idea or thoughts would be nice too since I lost my thought halfway after sneezing a few times lol.