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Return of Oriental Weapons and their costumes

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I would like so suggest a possible return of Oriental Costumes and their respective weapons in any sort event like the Primal Flame Weapon line and Toy Weapon line have had in the past:
- Lotus Staff and Lotus set;
- Horn Breaker Longsword and Horn Breaker armor;
- Black Dragon Pillar and Black Dragon armor;
- Hero's Scion Twin Swords and Hero's Scion set.

I would also like to include in the list other types of weapons that do not belong in the Oriental Line but have also not been available in a very long time:
- Crowbar Staff;
- Crowbar Longsword;
- Twin Crowbars.
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    Only problem w/ the crowbar I believe it's bound to steam/valve. Kind of like the SAO and other limited time outfits. It's a copy write infringement issue.