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Q: SideStep with Dah-An

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edited August 8, 2022 in General Discussion
I recently rolled a Dah-An Character, I've had a strange problem with her though, I can't get her to circle her adversary, If I try to go A or D, (Q or E really) she bolts left or Right; and attacks the air. I've used Arisha for a long time and never had any problem with her Circling, and looking at the base keyboard map, it seems there is no real sidestep/Strafe option that most games have. I expect I am missing something basic, but I've done good bit of googling and nada. So I'm asking here. Any guidance would be appreciated,

She also seems to have a much harder time generating SP than Arisha, is there anyway to craft/acquire SP Potions other than leveling gifts?