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Extraction Rune Must Be An Airtight Item

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edited June 26, 2022 in Suggestions and Feedback

There is a problem happened with gifting NX items for gold in game, which is normally banned recently. We understand that gifting NX items for gold is against the rules. But players needs to buy extraction rune for dismantling. And everyone is not able to spend money to buy NX Cash for buying extraction rune from the depot. We are waiting for this situation to be solved as soon as possible.

Please add extraction rune to crystals as an airtight item and allow for trading on marketplace. Nexon is asking for high stats with each new raids but we also need these helps for our gear progression.

There also need some changes for players who spends NX Cash for crystals, they are requesting Nexon to add more airtight items to crystals because it's getting harder to drop any outfits from crystals but it would be great if there were more airtight items in crystals.
Add more airtight items to crystals and icrease item drop rate. Unfortunately there is no other way to get NX items for players who can't buy NX Cash , so there should be more NX items in crystals.

Vindictus western servers needs these changes as soon as possible because a lot of active players are unfortunately no longer playing the game because of these negative situations.