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regarding the new unfusion rune

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i just saw the unfusing item created works in a way that doesnt help the bigger issue araund fusing items. when a player fuses an item its most of the times with a rare expensive meaningfull item sometimes even items that dont even get released in years. in my case i own black phoenix wings wich means that the item has more value then a full end game piece with max alr and enhanced enchanted. the fact that i cant get it back with this new rune is beyond me. i have spoken by ticket about a situation in the past concerning ways of fixing this since its such a mess for me to gear chest pieces. the fact that i dont want to put alr on my chest piece because i l lose it in the future is ridiculous, because i cant dismantle it to upgrade in the future, i have to use in this case a full ardri piece fused with bpw to a 115 piece in the future so i dont lose the appearance. this is a problem that affects alot of players some more then others but its about time a solution is created and when we finally thought it was coming we find out that its a useless rune that helps no one, not even gonna start talking bout the wallet system since that has even more impact and i am sure people made themselves heard by now how terrible it is considering what it should ve been.
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