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Lann Infinite Furry Infusion Hp Regen glitch

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edited April 25 in Bug Reporting
I am a Bug hunter and this came across in one of my runs it basically lets you regen hp indefinetively if timed right, one wouldnt usually report these but Not a single class should have these kind of adventages, regardless if its a underestimated class like spear lann,
Here is the clip of the steps to execute the bug
you just have to perform furry infusion while walking and time it with any boss/mob hit that flinches, both things at the same time.

and you have this as result: https://dropbox.com/sh/ryqzmv548v1djvp/AACd22f-ID_RemTOUFJiTe0ma?dl=0

Execution of this bug is difficult it is noticeable in the video (it can be mastered with practice tho...), also apologies for quality.