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What do you do with your materials?

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Let's say you just did a moonlight peak run, do you destroy the materials that you got from the bosses or do you sell them on the market place?


If you voted option 2 or 3 then keep doing that! Now, if you voted option 1 then you should probably re-think the whole thing. You could be selling those materials on mp, some of the s2 recipes take a sh it load of materials from those maps that not a lot of people run. I'm sure someone would greatly appreciate you selling them. The community is growing smaller and those recipes ain't changing. my point being, that we have to help each other out.
  1. What do you do with your materials?27 votes
    1. I destroy all of it.
       56% (15 votes)
    2. I sell my materials on the market place.
       26% (7 votes)
    3. i craft items with them.
       19% (5 votes)


  • TsiiiTsiii
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    There's no option for incinerating or straight up just hoarding them. I hoard my stuff xD
  • FlufffyParrotFlufffyParrot
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    Well incinerating is pretty much destroying them. I would add ''hoarding them'' but i can't edit the poll. Not really a big deal anyway since hoarding kinda falls into ''i craft items with them''.

  • HyoranzoHyoranzo
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    I keep like every s2 drop. Every other material that's not worth gold gets deleted. I've had this habit for years; I don't even bother incinerating.
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    Depends on the mats. Some I sell, some I keep in case I think I might want armor or weaps later on, some I incinerate.
  • NecrochildNecrochild
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    I sell ones worth selling. The rest get burned/npc.

    Fluffy Parrot: some of the s2 recipes take a sh it load of materials from those maps that not a lot of people run.

    ...and not a lot of people need them, either. I'm not dealing with returns to help someone who probably won't even be playing the game past the first grind wall.

  • NoburoNoburo
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    I hang onto all purple/blue weapon shards and 3* capable weapon essences for weaponsmithing , everything else gets dismantled and traded for shard pouches.

    I rarely run season 2 dungeons, but I hang onto the cmi/sg mats I get since I'm still (slowly) working on my armoursmith proficiency, and might start it over again on another alt that I 'm playing way more these days.

    Not really in the habit of selling materials unless the prices are inflated for some reason.
  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    S1/2 Git rid of it as fast as possible. >_>''

    S3 I keep in case anyone wants a weapon since I usually hang out in vindictus streams, mainly Blackstoryz's or any other West player stream. I keep solids and smooths to craft armor and npc sell them for 35,000 gold. Usually my go to way to make gold when everything else fails.
  • Order5Order5
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    I'm kinda of doing everything; I only hoard specific materials like break-offs or rare/key components, I craft regularly with some things (mostly S3), I MP things from missions that I don't normally run for 3 days (afterwards it gets incinerated), and I incinerate things that other people run regularly (S1 and S2 regular drops or gold and silver ore).
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    S1/2: Anything useful to people leveling their crafting gets sold. S3, I craft literally everything then incinerate the equips because I find this gives me the most remnants/seals.
  • PixelPantsuPixelPantsu
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    Actually I just hoard them, I have 2 mat mules for a reason.
  • BoatGodBoatGod
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    -look at poll
    +cry your the reason why i never increase my weapon proficiency
  • KourinKourin
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    When I saw people using megaphones to buy materials, it kind of flipped a switch in my brain. Now I just check obscure materials on the market before deciding whether I want to keep or sell. If there's a small amount, I list it. If there's a large amount, I burn it. If there's a large amount but it's worth a lot more than it's npc price, I list it.
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    Hoard it because you never know when you'll need it. An example would be Godly Cloth, Godly Ore, Heavenly Leather, Fragments (red & blue), Paradise Orbs and Orbs. Hoarding as many as possible for Material Synthesis for Lv. 95 weapon. I spent 400M+ on maxing out the stats on my character's +13 Lv. 90 because I didn't prepare myself. Not gonna make the same mistake again. :p
  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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    I have no idea what to do with them, so I have 7 characters keeping everything that's useful.
  • kaiser1onekaiser1one
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    I still have a bunch of S1 mats that fetch a decent sell price cause they're needed for crafting. Plus they're leftovers from when you could make a nice penny off Tailoring (pre-jank drop update).

    I keep S2 items that also sell and get rid of common low gold items.