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Purchasable outfits

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Hello! I've been away from vindictus for some time, mostly due to the fact that I personally feel like the game has become... A bit too sexual for my liking. I'm not personally comfortable seeing very young characters wearing incredibly revealing clothing. Despite this, I think vindictus is an incredibly compelling action game with some of the best combat on the market, and I'd love to come back to the game!

I've picked up belle now, and shes super fun to play! But my original issue stands. She's just too... Scantly clad. And all the outfits available for purchase are simply horrendous to me :(

I'd be willing to pay nearly any sum to have the ability to purchase older outfits from the outfitter shop. There is an absolutely gorgeous HanBook that used to be available for purchase, and its gone now. Another fantastic outfit is the boyish Qi-Pao. I'm also personally in love with the "haunted lady of the tomb" Jiangshi outfit which I don't think has ever been available to purchase. Yet is viewable on all characters in the wardrobe.

Its no secret that the playerbase these days is quite small. And I'm very curious as to why these outfits are unavailable to purchase?? Heck, I'd pay double to have any of these outfits, since they are "out of season"

Or what about retired armor sets? The classic veteran raiment set looked amazing, and I have it on most of my characters. But it was apparently swapped out for a much......... more "form fitting" outfit with no armor chest piece that looks. well. bad.

Its fine to have these types of clothes, I understand that "sex sells" and such, but its simply baffling to me that there is almost nothing for people to wear, if they want to have a more practical look. Even the older inner armor sets which covered larger portions of the body are gone. Like the tank-top with dogtags which looked great.

Again, I'm not saying "sexy" stuff should be removed. Far from it. I'd just like to see some alternatives. I'm not even asking for new stuff, I simply want to have the availability to purchase items already programmed into the game.

Please let us purchase old outfits :( Its kind of crazy that I have all this money I'm willing to put into vindictus, but simply nothing for sale that I actually want to purchase...