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Netherlands vs Nexon

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in Tech Support
Hello my dear friends and devs at Customer Support Nexon EU/Korea/Us whatever.

It has fallen to my attention that ever since the Netherlands had filed a lawsuit against you for the lootboxes, you have decided to shut down all economy for players from The Netherlands like me. There is no access to marketplace, mailbox, guild storage or anything that could let us join in on making virtual money in game.

The weird thing is however, since the lawsuit was purely against those lootboxes, and had nothing to do with any other things like a marketplace where in game currency can be made or spent through in game drops gets locked off completely but yet these very lootboxes the Dutch State filed a lawsuit against to you are STILL AVAILABLE?!

Now my question is how are you planning to solve this, because I really want to enjoy Vindictus again the way I used to do back when I started 12 years ago. But the only thing it seems like you want to do is chase of your core players with absurd things like this.

I sincerely hope you guys will read this and actually take measures to either lock the lootboxes for Dutch accounts, or make the items that come out of those very lootboxes bound to our account/character and open up the economy for us again. So we too, can make our money in the economy of Vindictus,

Sincerely yours,

An OG player ever since you guys started back in 2010.

Would hate to have to let this game go due to huge failings thanks to the devs who don't know how to read what they're actually be dragged to court for.