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Some Important Changes

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edited March 15, 2022 in Suggestions and Feedback
- Increase item drop rates because it's really low these days.
- Bring new outfits within 1 month when they released in Korea, bring new contents, changes in game within 1-2 months as well instead waiting 3-6 months.
- Remove hosting system from the game so players can play without need to be host for raids and without having lag because of host. Let players to use servers of the game for raids.
- Make cash shop items tradeable and allow players to trade NX items on marketplace and also put more NX items in crystals so players can trade NX items on marketplace for gold without need to use "old" gift function which is already not allowed to use and reason to ban if players use.
- Add a exchange system to cash shop for Nexon Cash so players can have gold/NX items like "old" tir coin system.
- Add direct sale for airtight premium outfits like comrades beside selling them in crystals so players can buy outfits they like without need to open crystals. Players can buy and open crytals if they want to have tradeable outfits to earn gold.
- Make all gear tradeable like trading accessories so players can have more gold for their new gear.
- Reduce maximum amount of reforge from upgrade system so players should not reforge their items 8 times on any stage.
- Add more balance between classes because there are some classes dealing more dps than other classes, some of classes should get nerf. Do not make new classes stronger than current classes in game.
- Add housing system to the game so players can have their own house and design their house as they wants.
- Sell comrades and wings on cash shop all the time so players can buy any comrade and wings when they wants without need to wait few months.
- Add costume weapons with different glows to cash shop.
- Add more new male/female characters. Male martial artist, male character with these weapons: sword & shield, 2 hand axe, staff, guns. Female character with these weapons: bow, daggers, 2 hand hammer.
- Vindictus needs online GMs so they can help players often, they can stop botting, hacking, trading gold between players and harrastments.
- Remove region lock from the game because playerbase is really very low these days and it would help playerbase to grow.
- Add brandish shields so fiona players can use different shields as costume weapons.
- Add solo mode for redeemers raids too, so players who do not have time to do with party, they can complete it alone.
- Fix bugs on all current classes so players won't need to switch their main classes or won't quit game because of this.
- Sell outfit clone boxes on cash shop
- Add an item to cash shop which allows players to send their gear from their main to new character they want to switch.
- Sell outfit clone boxes on cash shop