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Selling old items and toys also excepting trades

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Hey everyone looking to sell some items from a long time ago. Will also except trades.
Crowbar Staff for evie S>350 mil/OBO will also except trades for outfits and or wings equal value
Evie Football Jersey S>5 mil
Toy Cestus S>if interested make an offer either gold or trade or a bit of both
Toy Pillar S>38 mil/OBO also except trades for outfits or specific items send offers
Toy Bow S>10 mil
Toy twin swords S>40 mil/OBO will except trades as well
Toy Twin Spears S>50 mil/OBO
Toy Staff S>30 mil OBO
Toy Scythe S>10 mil OBO
Lann Football Jersey S>5mil

Message in game with offers xXB3llaXxx or on discord at T3mp3st1986#0937