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Valentine's Bonbon of Love event could be improved

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edited February 1, 2022 in Suggestions and Feedback
You only get 2 coupons per lap of the board. The board has 31 spaces and the outfit bag takes 9 coupons, so that's 155 spaces. If you want the title too, that's 186 spaces to move.

You can get 4 dice per day, 1 from login, 3 from daily missions. The average value of a single die roll is 3.5, and the event is 21 days long. So on average you'll move 294 spaces. However, it's technically possible to not move enough spaces for the outfit item if you get ones on the dice nearly every time (84 spaces), though that's pretty unlikely.

It would be preferable if the event were more in-line with previous events, where coupons were guaranteed based on effort, not random dice rolls, or you were at least guaranteed enough coupons for the vanity outfit item. Coupons could be given out with every die usage, and the costs of the items in the shop updated to 60 coupons for the outfit item and 20 for the title. Or there could be a weekly mission that gave out 2 coupons for completing 20 daily missions.