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Quick battle - cant leave party after battle ends

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After doing my first quick battle, in Abyssal Arena 1 (I joined to an existing party), when we finished the battle successfully and the battle cleared screen appeared, I pressed enter and started typing the message. After pressing enter I got teleported back to town. But I am still in the party with 1 party member and game tells me that I am still in the party for Abyssal Arena battle. There was even a button "forfreit battle and return to town", even though the battle has already ended and I was in Colhen.

When I tried to leave the party, all which happened was the forfreit battle button dissapearing. But I can't leave the party. And when trying to enter quick departure or departure button/board, the game tells me that I can't do that while I am in some other's party. So all I can do it probably to relog to fix the issue now.