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Season 2 - Twilight Desert - Underground city

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While playing this battle quest, at the last part, in the underground city itself, when I have arrived in the room with the boss of the battle quest, defeated it, I could exit the room by a teleport back into the rest of the level. The teleport teleported me next to a teleport which if proceed would send me to a secret part of the battle quest. But now when I did it on the "Battle cleared" screen, I can't now return to town, nor restart the battle.

EDIT.: I have tried to use the leave command and the game tells me that I can't leave the battle now. Trying to vote kick myself doesn't help too, because I can't kick myself out of my own solo party.

EDIT 2.: I have freed myself out of the bugged battle by returning to main menu and then logging again with my character, which spawned me at Malina. Though aside of the story conversation from end of the battle probably being played for me in the inn instead, there seems to be messed up quest description for it. As it says.: "To the Underground City" -> "Defeat Altero the Chief Priset in Battle quest quest_desert_ep2_08. If you weren't able to talk to her, go to the Inn.". Seems to me that the name of the battle quest is bugged in the description.