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Supply Depot item 's Change to [Airtight]

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The rule that nexon use today it's old and outdated
Rule was made 10 year's ago when all item's at Supply Depot were able to get sold and listed on the marketplace
Person with nx (nx seller) was able to buy any item from Supply Depot and list on the marketplace
Rule was made to avoid other player's to gift,exchange item's cheaper from marketplace price
Video Proof video date 23 May 2012 VIDEO TIME OF MARKETPLACE "30:27"

Solution for this problem is make the Supply Depot item's Airtight all item's are already in Supply Depot
This will allow player after buying from Supply Depot to list at the market

Supply Depot item list
[Airtight Extraction Rune]
[Airtight Premium Armor Enhancement Rune]
[Airtight Premium Enhancement Rune]
[Airtight Enhancement Rune]
[Airtight Exquisite Enchant Rune]
[Airtight Premium Enchant Rune]
[Airtight Enchant Rune]
[Airtight Premium Armor Fusion Rune]
[Airtight Premium Weapon Fusion Rune]
[Airtight Brandish Destiny Box]
[Airtight Appearance Alteration Coupon]
[Airtight Cadet Badge (30 days)]
[Airtight Server Megaphone]
[Airtight Premium Marketplace License]
[Airtight Additional Departure Boost Pack (30 day's)]
[Airtight Home VVIP Service Package (30 Days)]
[Airtight Path Change Ticket]
[Airtight Name Change Coupon]
[Airtight Perpetual Enchant Coupon]
[Airtight Unbind Potion]
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    If nothing else, it would only be fair if NA and EU had the ability to purchase the same airtight items that the KR server currently enjoys. I believe that includes Airtight Enhancement Runes, which is probably the biggest deal in terms of enabling progression for players that are trying to gear up.

    Making these items airtight would be an easy solution for Nexon as well, since it wouldn't involve any new systems (like an official NX item <-> gold swap), bringing back any old systems (like TIR Coins), or changing terms of service (like allowing NX Gifting).