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Some weird bugs

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Hello. Today I acquired the emote "Delia's Dance" on the character Dan-Ah and when I use it there's a weird bug. Most of the dance is fine but for some time Dan-Ah doesn't perform the dance correctly. Instead of placing her hands on her hips like Delia, she raises them up and crosses them and it looks really weird. Another bug I and many of my friends have noticed is that upon dying in a dungeon the ragdoll pchysics are really messed up and everyone lays down with their legs weirdly crossed or they're bobbing their heads. Now the main reason I'm writing this report. For quite some time already there has been a really annoying bug which causes the game to crash when you complete three Abyssal Arenas in a row. When you complete two - everything is fine, however when you finish the third one the game crashes and you don't get any gold or exp. This bug is really annoying and makes leveling characters a real hassle. Also the board on which the soaps used in hot springs are shown , sometimes it is inaccurate and although it is shown on the board that on that specific channel there's a soap for twenty minutes the reality is there is no soap there.