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I got a permanent ban for no reason.

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in Account Support
I do, send a BlackChipper log and my Screenshot archive since 2013.
they didn't even look.
gives memorized answers and closes the topic.
I send my E-Mail to create this account.
And i will say "if you need any proof, i can do everything" to GM(Sending Ticket).
He just say "Unfortunately, due to the nature of the ban, I am unable to release your account" SORRY BUT I GOT UNFAIRLY, UNJUSLTY BANNED FROM GAME AND THE WORSTE, I DON'T KNOW TO WHAT REASON TO GET BANNED i have any proof, i have many SS, i have first E-Mail to create this account, i have my local IP to proof my location(for do not sharing account).
WHY ARE YOU NOT TO LOOKING. Please fix that mistake.
I want my 10 year "LEGAL" account back. And i will not stop, i will not giving up.