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Equipment enhance system made me quit deciding to

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comeback or not. I really hate equipment breaking and stuck with this game for so long in the past but in the end had to move on. Just wondering if things change for the better or not and would like to hear from you guys about it. Thanks.


  • PlayerOOOlPlayerOOOl
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    Vindy gives out free +12 lv 100 equipment.
    Don't enhance/enchant anything until you hit lv100.
    At this moment a player should have enough materials to at least enhance one piece of equipment (I would choose the weapon) to +13 easily.
  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    Enhancing has reforging after gear is +10, you can fail stack to +15, might take some time grinding out runes and mats though. In the end do you like the grind of the game? It is possible to get +15 on all gear. Enchanting stills destroy gear after first boom