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Lann Spears - Grand Hurricane changer

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edited October 25, 2021 in Suggestions and Feedback
Hi, so Iam an old Vindictus player that always go on and off from the game and my main always was lann spears.
in the past lann spear was spin 2 win and today "Grand Hurricane" is kinda useless in my opinion.
"Moon Spliter" is much stronger and takes 1 attack less to get to.
I have suggestion that might be good thing for "Grand Hurricane" and can make it a little bit more useful.
in the past lann spear had a dodge that called "Fury Infusion" and he could spin and dodge and than continue to spin again and again, etc.
I think that will be nice to make that if lann is in "Grand Hurricane" state so the dodge will be change automatically to the old dodge and the lann can keep spining like in the past - as long as the stamina lets him unless he uses fury infusion with sp.
or also possiable to make that when lann spear enters the "Grand Hurricane" state so the run button makes the old "Fury Infusion" dodge and the dodge button makes the normal current dodge.
I think its might open lann spears to additional game play style and mixes.
I really hope its will get to the developers and if it's makes sense so its will be addressed, ty :)

I would like to know also other lann spears opinion about the topic.
I will attach the old "Fury Infusion" dodge in the post for the people that didn't played in the past and also the spin 2 win.

"the clips i attached not belongs to me just found it on youtube and that was hard o.O"
https://youtube.com/watch?v=wuyJx5jo9BM - (spin 2 win clip right side of the clip).
https://youtube.com/watch?v=9sy8m-Y0jYY - (Fury Infusion dodge without spinning).
  1. do you think its can improve lann spear and make him less repetitive?2 votes
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