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Feedback to improve this char playability

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in Eira
Good job Nexon about the latest Eira update (infinity shot and chaos warp), now however please fix:

1 - Phase burst collision with other players (they get stuck in place, we don't deal damage to the boss), we've been asking for it by years now.
2 - Quantum Ruin getting interrupted way too often by many boss minor attacks: when Eira lands, she should deal the damage no matter what, not getting interrupted, it makes no sense, the spears are coming down so it makes no sense that they suddenly stop coming down.
3 - Full force been activated by Quantum Ruin only: this is more an opinion of mine, but why should full force be activated by Infinity Shot? in my opinion it doesn't make much sense.
4 - Inverse Shot: give this skill dodge frames please.