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9/14 update Outfit Dye Issue

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With the 9/14 110 Update brought changes to Outfit dyes. If you had Trade-able Outfit dyes in your Shared storage before the update they could easily be moved to different characters on the same account; now with the new update if you had any in Shared Storage before and after the change, when taken out they lose their Trade Status and become bound to the account. I understand that if you buy Outfit dyes off the Market place post update they bind, but why do they bind if you had them in Shared storage?! Same coding applied to both?! Very frustrating and needs to be looked into. There was no warning that if you had any trade-able dyes in your Shared Storage before update, that they would bind once taken out. Ridiculous! I sent in a ticket to support, they suggest I make a thread on this forum that no-one really frequents anymore, why not discord? Well, I hope something comes out of this. Please fix this issue!


  • OfiriaOfiria
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    I Agree, Dyes should not be bound after being placed/taken out of Shared storage, this was never a thing. I had Dyes in my shared storage and now when I try to take them out I get this message: 2021-09-15-0012.png

    Please fix this