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[Casual] Thrill of the Fight

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[Casual] Thrill of the Fight is recruiting!
***Due to the 12-letter limit, the in-game guild is called [Thrillseeker].

Thrill of the Fight is a guild and Discord group strictly for casual players who believe that the thrill of a fight is more valuable than its loot.

We are a group with a dedicated purpose and therefore have a few requirements to join:

1. You must be a casual player.
We define this as not being concerned with stats, gear, and DPS.

2. You must play for the thrill of the fight, not the thrill of the loot.
If you're looking for quick kills for loot farming, this isn't the place for you. We farm, but we don't speedfarm. Enjoying the thrill of the fight takes precedence over making money.

3. You must act with maturity.
There is no place for vulgarity and inappropriate discussions in chat.

What we offer
・An authentic raiding experience. No facerolls here.
・No minimum stats to join raids. We believe everyone can contribute to a raid, so long as they are trying their best.
・A community willing to lower their own stats to allow everyone to feel they can contribute.
・Friendly guidance and assistance for new players.

If this kind of community speaks to you, please apply in-game or mail Sylvanheart if you would like to join.