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Hello. I have returned to Vindictus after about a year and I noticed that there are 2 new skill in Path. I choose Fervor because I know what it does - it increased add DMG however now I am wondering what does Impact do? All it says on the skill is that it increases ''Impact Speed'' but what does that mean exactly? Could someone explain to me what Impact Speed means?


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    Reposting my guide from the official discord:
    Fervor or Impact

    What are they?
    New Path skills - only apply while transformed
    -Fervor - increases Additional Damage
    -Impact - increases "Impact Speed" = increases penetration = hit drag reduction

    Which should I take?
    Battleshade Lynn and Spear Lann - Impact
    Greatsword Hurk and Kael - borderline, leaning towards Fervor
    Everyone else - Fervor

    Additional Damage has a huge impact on DPS, much bigger than hit drag for most characters. See Shippuu's "Primer on Damage" for details on Additional Damage. Also you'll get some hit drag reduction from Partholon Vanguard bonuses.

    I picked the wrong one!
    The Strange Traveler at the Inn will help you switch it.
    Other -> Reset path skills

    In short, the higher the "impact speed", the less time each attack that actually hits will take.