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Suggestion for Mag Mell

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Can I make a suggestion to Mag Mell? Get rid of losing 1 ranking point when you lose.. Not to sound salty but this stupid mode has gotten me very toxic. I have been playing to try reach silver rank just need 2 wins, last night I lost 7 rounds in a row there fore increasing my hatted and need to play the mode. I may be a bad player due to server lag. Yes i blame everything on lag. Why? Cause i can not escape with dodge if i am hit once normally, other team they dodge 15 times through my team while swinging. I can not use character that has cast time cause it take me forever and I end up dying before my skill is used (Eweca) but other team her skill shoots out so fast. So please remove the losing 1 point and make it be +1 point so it not like playing this mode is not trash. Winner get 5 point and loser gets 1, like other PVP.

Pretty sure no one is going to complain that we get one rank point and make player less toxic and negative about this mode. Also who like finally getting Silver Rank at 1100 points then lose 15 rounds and end up in bronze rank again losing all that season progress. You might say i am negative on this small thing but , Server lag, most battles end fast due to team gets wipe, new player running Leeroy Jenking to the other team with a tier 4 character.. Lag, Players who stay top lane but leave when back up arrives. and did I mention the Lag


  • ShhhhhhhhhhShhhhhhhhhh
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    Yes i agree. And it needs to be random pick too. There is soo less players in this game that in EU season2 even top 50 with 1300+ didnt get filled. And it isn't gonna bring new people to this mini game with low player base, waiting in long queues, losing points with lose while most currently magmell farmers knows whats up and you dont.

    + Make it random selection
    + Make it +1 point for lose

  • QuiJinnQuiJinn
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    I agree to get rid of -1 point when you lost, since its important to reach a certain rank. You farm weekly for the seals and eventually a certain rank. You want to reach at least Silver or go for Master rank.