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[HELP] What's the best order for Gear Improvement?

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Hello everyone!
I'm starting to come back on Vindictus and I need to completely change my gear and get Milletian and lv 105 Accessories
Actually I don't have much money so meanwhile i'm trying to getting rich again I'm starting to make a building plan.

Here's the link of what I'm wearing right now:

At the moment I own +12 Milletian Weapon and Chest (no scrolls and infusions)

So, my questions are:

- What piece should I aim first and what next?
- What scrolls do I need to put?
- Should I go full +2 Crit on Infusions?
- When do I start Material Synthesis?

A big hug to whoever wants to help! :shy:


  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    I would say stick with Astera since it already +15 already, maybe work on synth to get max stats
    But since you have Mill gear already, get the bottom, a lot cheaper to reforge due to smooth being cheaper than solid and stick with 3 astera / 3 mill combo.
    Main reason in my opinion is that ...MIll is still stupid crazy to synth for. It only takes New Era gear, and you barely get any in Red moon and you try to farm Heavenly mats but drop rates are so low you can spend hours just to level one point. Oherwise some new enchants would be nice. Overall just getting over the new wall of Quick Battle requirement then work on Crit , Balance and attack limit release
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    Hey @Serika. I am trying to return to Vindictus too. Can you help me to understand how you managed the +20's and +15's with the very low enhancement rates?