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Some basic issues with Absorb Frames Cestus

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There are 2 (actually 4) things that I'd like to see changed in cestus.

The main 2 are to humanize Cross-counter and Blast attack perfect absorb's timing.
I'm dodging, already absorbing a combo, I attack with Cross-counter, should add absorb frames? No, It actually cancels those of what I was already absorbing with and I get my face full because I don't even get knocked. Similar story to blast attack's frames they last so little that even when you manage to perfect absorb you still get hit anyway by some attacks.

The 3rd thing is to give perfect absorb frames to the 1st normal attack combo of Cestus. It's an old iconic basic form of defense that got forgotten due to the fact that it lacks perfect frames and more and more attacks require those.

The 4th addition is to let the gauge levels of Cestus get filled with one instance of absorb if multiple hits are absorbed, rather than repeating another dodge or attack.
It feels like a drag and a waste of DPS to keep dodging to level up the gauge levels if I'm already absorbing and getting paralyzed from a combo by a single dodge. At that point it'd be better to convert Weave and Bobbing into dodge frames to fill the gauge and keep the Absorb frames to the 1st normal attack and the rest of the smashes. It'd be more reliable and dynamic.

Lastly, why can I do Cataclysm after the Smash Sunday Punch? I can already activate Cataclysm through Raging Volcano via quickslot. Wouldn't it make more sense for it to make more damage if activated this way kinda like the way Strong Blast behaves?