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So i play Vindictus with my friends in 2019 november.
And then I stopped for a little while.
Now i wanted to play, and i download and today i think "go play vindictus, I used to buy a skin and I was high-level, but I feel like playing with it, maybe i create new character and go begin or etc."

And i play Vindictus and vindictus say me: "No charachters"
So i think vindictus have restart for characters and i think no problem, i create again my character and i take my skin and go farming.
I create my character and i see i dont have skin.
So, i do not understand.
Where is my character and where is my skin?

I can give you all the information you need about the purchase.
Steam transaction ID: 1406740168217610567
That's when i bought it: 2019. nov. 9., 14:29
Values: 20 USD
Steam account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Mu3rTo69/

So I hope everything's okay and we can talk things over. I like the game and I want to play with it, I just want to know what happened.